"Castle Rock n Roll"
A Scenario Addon for the Castle Rock Railroad Route

Scenario File Download:

Castle Rock n Roll (uses the Castle Rock route & trainsets that come with it)

Released March.23.2011.

This above file is packaged in "zip" format, so after downloading just un-zip it first, then please read the "ReadMe" text file that comes with the pack for more complete information and instructions.

Scenario Briefing:  There's a Rock Concert in Monument today. You will be starting at Castle Rock. Attach your engine to a consist of passengers-cars then pick up waiting passengers there. Proceed to LarkSpar to pick up more passengers, then continue to your final destination in Monument. There may be some surprises along the way, so stay alert. Good luck Driver.

Approximate level of difficulty is Easy.
Approximate time to complete is around 40 minutes.

Let's Rock n Roll Driver.  :)

* Note: There's a possible conflict with one of the AI trains on this scenario that may cause the scenario to end abruptly.

I believe this only happens if you're driving your train too slowly and behind schedule, as I approximated some AI trains to start on their paths at certain times according to having the Player train driving towards the upper-limit of posted speed limits when possible (though I did try to give a bit of leeway).

But, basically to avoid the AI conflict path error that could happen if going too slow, try to arrive at your passenger-stop in LarkSpur before the time of 14:19 , (if driving near upper-limit of posted speeds when possible, you can arrive there to your stop in LarkSpur around the time of 14:16), then hopefully in that case the player train should avoid the conflict with the approaching AI train (be sure to wait in LarkSpur at that platform until the AI train passes and the junction-light just up ahead of your train there turns green before proceeding again).
Other than that, the scenario should work fine if arriving at LarkSpur by the time 14:19.