"Coal from Cole"
A Scenario Addon for the Bath Green Park to Templecombe route

Scenario File Download:

Cole_from_Cole (uses the Bath - Templecome route and trainsets that come with it)

Released Oct.22.2011

This above file is packaged in "zip" format, so after downloading to your computer just un-zip it, then from your RailWorks launcher, go to the "Package Manager" tab, click on the "Install" button there then navigate to the "Coal_from_Cole_beta_v10p.rwp" file and select it to install.

Scenario Name: "Coal from Cole"
Route: Bath Green Park to Templecombe
Engine used: Black 5 Steam Engine
Difficulty: Medium
Approximate Duration
: 60 Minutes

Scenario Briefing: It's Winter-time with snow covering the landscape. Starting at Evercreech you will make your way to Cole to pick up a consist of loaded coal-hoppers from Cole Siding 2 and another consist of loaded coal-hoppers along with a brake-car from Cole Siding 3. The next stop will be at Wincanton where you will temporarily drop-off your brake-car at the Wincanton Goods Shed, collect a consist of loaded gravel-hoppers from Wincanton Siding 2 then pick-up your brake-car again. Continue your run until you arrive at Templecombe where you will drop-off the gravel-hoppers and the brake-car within Temblecombe Junction Siding 1, then drop-off all of the coal-hoppers within Templecombe Lower Siding 1. To finish your run you will go to Templecombe Lower Siding 5 and park your engine there.