"RRYard's Hunslet Scenario Pack 1"
(This addon includes two Standard-Scenarios)

Hunslet at Castle Rock

Hunslet in Bath

Scenario-Pack Addon File Download:

This scenario-addon requires the Hunslet 0-4-0 Diesel Locomotive, which is a free addon you can get from here:

RRYard's Hunslet Scenario pack 1 (Uses Castle Rock and Bath - Templecome routes. Requires the "Hunslet 0-4-0 Diesel Locomotive" addon.)

Released April.12.2012.

This above file is packaged in "zip" format. After downloading the file to your computer, Un-zip it, then launch RailWorks and from the launcher window click on the "Package Manager" tab, click on the "Install" button there, then navigate to the un-zipped file and select the "RRYard_Hunslet_SPack1.rwp" file to install.

After installing, you might also click on the "Tools & Docs" tab and use the "Clear Cache" button there to help ensure that the newly installed scenarios will work properly with RailWorks.

Start RailWork3/Train-Simulator2012, then from the "Drive by Route" option, choose either the Castle Rock route or the Bath Green Park to Templecombe route and the Scenario of from the Standard scenario list (The names of the two scenarios included with this scenario-pack addon are "Hunslet at Castle Rock" and "Hunslet in Bath"), click on the "Play" button, wait for the scenario to load in, follow any instructions from the Dispatcher (or refer to the Task Log) and enjoy! :)

Scenario Info
"Hunslet at Castle Rock"
Route: Castle Rock
Briefing: Good afternoon Driver. You will using a NCB Hunslet 0-4-0 Shunter to pick-up some hoppers, load them, then drop them off at a designated siding so they will be ready for delivery. Follow the Dispatcher's instructions.
Approximate Duration: 35 Minutes
Difficulty Level: Medium
"Hunslet in Bath"
Route: Bath Green Park to Templecombe
Briefing: You're to gather some wagons from some sidings, then put them together as a consist at the Bath Turntable 1 siding. Follow the instructions.
Approximate Duration: 20 Minutes
Difficulty Level: Medium