*Please note: This addon is temporarily unavailable while some important changes are being made in regards to some of the content/addons I've made. Check back soon for more news.

Compatible with Train-Simulator 2013 (required separately)
* Please read the notes below for any additional requirements that might be needed:

* Please Note: If you already owned Train-Simulator 2012 and if it was automatically upgraded to Train-Simulator 2013 for you, then this is scenario-pack will work without any additional requirements. However, if you are an owner of Train-Simulator 2013, but you did not have Train-Simulator 2012 previously installed, then please be aware that the "default" routes included with Train-Simulator 2013 has been changed.

The following routes are no longer included as "default" routes with new installations of Train-Simulator 2013:
Newcastle to York, Bath Green Park to Templecombe, Hagen to Seigen, Oxford to Paddington and Barstow to San Bernadino (Cajon Pass).

Therefore, some of the scenarios included in this scenario-pack (the scenarios that are for use with the routes mentioned above. See the full scenario-list of what's included in this scenario-pack and for what routes they are for towards the bottom of this page) will NOT work with new default installations of Train-Simulator 2013 (unless it was a Train-Simulator 2012 installation you already owned that automatically updated to Train-Simulator 2013). In this case, you would need to buy and download/install the above mentioned routes separately into your Train-Simulator 2013 installation if wanting to be able to have access to all of the scenarios included with this scenario-pack.

* Please Note: If you had previously got this addon (either version 1 or version 2) and would like to get version 3 which includes the most current updates and fixes, please send me an email to lonewolfdon@gmail.com along with your name and email address you used when originally getting the "RRYard's Scenario Expansion Pack 1" addon.

Greetings Driver.
Add many more hours of playing time with 14 new engaging and challenging scenarios.

Including activities such as;

  • passenger-runs (time-tabled-schedules, relaxed-schedules, round-trips)
  • freight-runs
  • skillfully drive a train nearly a mile long
  • picking-up and dropping-off various consists
  • shunting / switching
  • using cranes to load and unload container-cars
  • loading and unloading coal-hoppers
  • refueling tenders & engines (coal & diesel)
  • participate in an exciting Train-Race
  • driving a variety of engines from steam, diesel, electric and high-speed-trains.

With clear instructions of the various tasks to help minimize confusion and to maximize enjoyment and success! 
*Note from Author: These scenarios are completely fictional-based. I did my best to make them immersive, functional and fun. Some scenarios are not prototypical and may contain some inaccuracies according to real-life rules, routes, trainsets, stock, practices and terminology used.

* Please Read (for info about the download):

* The download file for this addon is packaged in standard "zip" format, so after downloading to your computer just un-zip it first, then please read the "ReadMe(Installation,Info,EULA)" text file that comes with the pack for more complete instructions for installing into your RailWorks3/Train-Simulator2012 program, scenarios details and other related information for this addon.

* Most versions of Windows already come with a utility than can "unzip" files that are in a standard "zip" format.
If you don't yet have such a utility, then below I recommend a couple of good options for you of where to get a free utility that can do this:
IZarc  or  7Zip (clicking on one of those links will open-up a new browser-window).

Below are some sample screen-shots from a few of the scenarios.

From the scenario, "Hagen's Wagons" for the Hagen to Siegen route:

Interior cab-view of the Class 294 DBAG Red engine

Hauling a load of wagons to the next destination

From the scenario, "Odd Job" for the Seebergbahn route:

Interior cab-view of the D-BAG BR101 Electric Engine

Assisting at the scene of a train-derailment

From the scenario, "Reading - Between the Lines" for the Oxford to Paddington route:

Interior cab-view of the Class 43 FGW High-Speed-Train

At Oxford station picking up some passengers

From the scenario, "Container Mover" for the Hedborough North route:

Interior cab-view of the Class 37 BR Green engine

Using a crane to load-up a container-car

From the scenario, "Bath Water" for the Bath Green Park to Templecombe route:

Interior cab-view of the Black-5 Steam Engine

This old workhorse of an engine might be a bit rusty, but still gets the job done

Scenario List:

Scenario # Route Scenario name
1 Barstow to San Bernardino (Cajon Pass) A Thorn in the Sidings
2 Barstow to San Bernardino (Cajon Pass) Stack 'em Up
3 Bath Green Park to Templecombe Bath Water
4 Bath Green Park to Templecombe Combe-Over
5 Castle Rock Railroad Castle Rock & Coal
6 Castle Rock Railroad Race to the Rock
7 Hagen to Siegen A Historic Run
8 Hagen to Siegen Hagen's Wagons
9 Hedborough North Container Mover
10 Newcastle to York Out of York
11 Oxford to Paddington Pad-Ox Tourist Trip
12 Oxford to Paddington Reading-Between-the-Lines
13 Seebergbahn Odd Job
14 TestTraK In the Loop