"The Long Haul"
A Scenario Addon for the Barstow to San Bernardino Route

Scenario File Download:

The Long Haul v2 (uses the Cajon-Pass route and trainsets that come with it)

v1: Released March.21.2011. v2: Released Sept.20.2012

This above file is packaged in "zip" format, so after downloading just un-zip it first, then please read the "ReadMe" text file that comes with the pack for more complete information and instructions.

Scenario Briefing:  You'll be starting at Oro Grande and will first connect to a second engine. You will then proceed to pick up three loose consists of hoppers (the first consist is 5 green coal-hoppers that need to be loaded, the second consist is 10 fully loaded brown cement hoppers and the third consist is 10 fully loaded white cement hoppers) to make a complete train of 27 train-cars in length (counting the engines) then deliver them to your destination in San Bernardino.

Approximate level of difficulty is Hard.
Approximate time to complete is around 2 hours.

Have a good journey Driver.  :)